KRC Homes' Fixer Upper

Turning An OLD Kentucky Home into a NEW Kentucky Home



Welcome to KRC Homes' Blog! I am Adrien Rutledge, co-owner/co-founder of KRC Homes, LLC.  I am so excited to share a new project with our followers...KRC Homes is pulling a Fixer Upper on this charming piece of history!  Do any fellow Georgetown Locals recognize this house? Probably not, because it's been hiding across from Garth Elementary behind 2 very large pine trees.

After putting an offer in on the house we learned that this house has more a meaningful history than we realized. This house once belonged to J.R. & Mary Lancaster, my great great grandparents!  It was then sold to Everett & Margie Walters, the grandparents of our Lead Foreman. It was destiny that KRC Homes purchased this property, and we are going to bring it back to life. 

411 South Broadway

My husband (Eric Rutledge, also co-owner/co-founder) and I have lived in Georgetown most of our lives. We have raised our family here and we love Georgetown and all of it's history. We adore our downtown area and so we jumped at the chance to own a piece of it. The outside is deceiving I have to admit, but the inside shows the true era that this house was built in. Beautiful trim, flooring, archways and high ceilings are traits that everyone has come to love in a house and these are all original! We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we have already started, and we can't wait to share the results with you in a few short months. 

We hope that you all will follow along with the progression of this little piece of history that we have become very excited about. We have a few more surprises in store for this job, so stay tuned! 


Cira 1950

Thanks to Family Connections, we found a picture of what the house looked like around 1950. What a difference!