From Your Social Media Feed to The Real Estate Market

KRC Homes, LLC brings you our first ever Hometown Design Collaboration.

KRC Homes has been blessed to partner with more than 20 families to design and build custom dream homes. Each home, each design, each family unique in their own awesome ways! 

We wanted an opportunity to bring together a group of girls that Georgetown locals may very well already know and design a house that will be put on the hot and fast turning real estate market. We have heard so many times from families looking for a home that they can't find anything on the market they like, and they are very overwhelmed at the very thought of building their own custom home.  KRC Homes' new Hometown Design group will do it all for you and we will share the journey to completion date right here on our webpage, Facebook and Instagram account. So now all you have to do is wait for it to go on the market, and hope you get your bid in first! 


Meet The KRC Hometown Design Team


Catherine Wilson

Catherine is a Real Estate Agent for ReMax and a mother of 2. Knowing what the home buyers of central Kentucky are looking for will be a key asset to the Hometown Design group. Catherine is also a former client of KRC Homes, building her family's dream home just last year. Being a work from home mom, she knows the value of a good home office, so she will be designing the office space. Check out Catherine's Real Estate Facebook Page here.


Adrien Rutledge

Adrien is one of the owners of KRC Homes, LLC and a mother of 3. Her and her husband have been married for 15 years this April and have built homes on and off for 10 years. They started KRC Homes, LLC because they love their Hometown and wanted to see families like theirs find their forever home. Adrien will be working some curb appeal on the exterior of the home.


Kristy Collins

Kristy is a mother of 3 and the Culinary Teacher at Scott County High School.  She inherited her classic sense of style from her roots here in Scott County, and being a culinary teacher, she knows her way around the kitchen.  The Hometown Design group is excited to see her trendy yet practical kitchen design. 


Ashley Frazier

Ashley is a mom of 3 and the local Matilda Jane Clothing Representative.  Ashley is known for her DIY talents and has a real knack for interior design. The Hometown Design team is anxious to see what she pulls off in the master suite! Be sure to shop her awesome line of clothing for your little girls and for yourself, here.


Melissa Miller

Melissa is a mother of 3 and is the co-owner of Em & Me Boutique on Main St in beautiful downtown Georgetown.  Melissa is always on the hunt for the newest trends for her shop and the Hometown Design group trusts she'll do the same with this house.  Being a busy entrepreneur Melissa knows how important it is to come home and be able to unwind with her family or cozy up wth a book, so she will be in charge of designing the Living Room.  For all the newest clothing trends and cute gifts, check out Em & Me Boutique on Main St or online here.


Tessa Wagoner

Tessa is a mom of 2 teenagers and is actively involved at Cedar Grove Baptist Church. You may have seen her around the County Clerk's office for the past 18 years. Tessa values time with her teens and knows how important it is to create a space that is welcoming to them, so she will be in charge of the bonus room


JoEllen Power

JoEllen is a retired mother of 2. She is currently the president of the Scott County Homemaker's Association, and she truly knows how to make you feel welcome in her home.  JoEllen is also a local Avon Representative, check her out here.  She will be in charge of the entry and mudroom areas, making this home welcome to any new family. 


Now that you've met our Hometown Design team, keep up to date on the progress of this exciting adventure through our blog, website, Facebook page or Instagram account.  The ladies of Hometown Design will also be keeping you up to date on what they are planning, so please share any thoughts or ideas with them. 


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